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9/21/21 - Mindscapes

I find that there are different layers to the work that I do - there are the figure paintings, the sea creatures and nautical landscapes, then there are the more abstract pieces. I started exploring the idea of producing what I like to call 'mindscapes' back in college. They are pieces that are more introspective and freeform, sometimes dream-like.

I began incorporating structural elements, like abstract shapes or buildings and staircases (somewhat Escher-esche). They helped to provide a solid foundation to an otherwise free flowing composition or to counteract the more fluid components, such as water. Of course all of these elements are incorporated into a face, or at least something face-like.

This is the type of work that comes from the soul and is hard to explain, but I believe there is a reason for it. I hope it resonates with others like it does with me. I keep attempting to push a further narrative to the series as a whole, however each piece I find has its own personality and its own story.

Some of these have a deeper meaning than others, which is where the introspection comes in. I hope to continue with this series, and to possibly find more cohesion between one and the next.

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